Children and parents affected by drug use: an overview of programmes and actions for comprehensive and non-stigmatising services and care

Corporate Author:
Council of Europe
Corina Giacomello
Council of Europe

Following an initial publication in 2022 on children whose parents use drugs, the Pompidou Group has continued research on this topic by looking at 33 programs from 11 countries. These include data collection; parenting programs; social and integrated services for children; multidisciplinary, holistic approaches to working with families; services for women victims and survivors of gender-based violence; protocols for cooperation; drug treatment services; and residential communities for women and their children. After giving the floor to women and children, respectively, in Volumes II and III of this series, the fourth volume offers a perspective of how to develop more comprehensive, child-centred approaches in drug policies in general and in non-stigmatising drug treatment and care in particular. This study, which is the outcome of international collaboration among researchers, practitioners and policy makers at different levels, works toward the ultimate goal of mainstreaming human rights, including children's rights, into drug policy. The Children and families affected by parental drug use series included four volumes: Volume I Children whose parents use drugs - Promising practices and recommendations Volume II We are warriors - Women who use drugs reflect on parental drug use, their paths of consumption and access to services Volume III Listen to the silence of the child - Children share their experiences and proposals on the impact of drug use in the family Volume IV Children and parents affected by drug use - An overview of programs and actions for comprehensive and non-stigmatizing services and care

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