Carryover in feed and transfer from feed to food of unavoidable and unintended residues of approved veterinary drugs: Joint FAO/WHO Expert Meeting, FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy, 8-10 January 2019

FAO animal production and health report 13

Corporate Author:
Food and Agriculture Organization , World Health Organization

This report reviews the causes of veterinary drug carryover in animal feed and the transfer from feed to food, as well as known risks to human health and international trade, and suggests appropriate risk management strategies. The report is the result of an FAO/WHO Expert Meeting organized at the request of the Codex Committee on Residues of Veterinary Drugs in Foods. Carryover of veterinary drugs in feed can occur during feed processing, handling, transportation and delivery, as well as when feeding animals on-farm. It can cause adverse health effects both in animals and/or in humans consuming food originating from these animals. The publication recommends increasing awareness by providing easily accessible information about possible implications for carryover from the use of authorized veterinary drugs, notably as part of a structured training programme for all competent authorities, professionals and workers. It also calls for monitoring and control of raw feed ingredients that could be implicated in the transfer of veterinary drugs from feed to food.

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