New Covent Garden Market a follow-up fifteenth report of session 2002-2003 report, together with formal minutes, oral and written evidence

House of Commons papers 2002-03 901

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Great Britain Parliament House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee
Curry David chairman Jack Michael chairman, sub-committee
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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The report on New Covent Garden Market from the Agriculture Committee in March 2001 (HCP 173-I, session 2000-01; ISBN 0102253013) noted that the market was in need of significant capital investment, and that the Government had announced its intention to sell the market as a going concern. An independent strategic review of market provision in London was jointly commissioned by the Government and the Corporation of London from Mr Nicholas Saphir. This report was published in November 2002 (not published by TSO). The main recommendation of the Saphir report was that there should be three composite wholesale food markets at Western International at Hounslow, and Spitalfields and New Covent Garden Market. However, the major parties have failed to agree on this issue.The Government's role should be to broker an agreement. The Committee believes the current Government policy of allowing New Covent Garden to diversify, while anticipating a legal challenge to any diversification, does not demonstrate the strategic oversight that is required. The Government policy objective of selling New Covent Garden, seems no closer than it was two years ago.

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