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Multi-dimensional review of Côte d''Ivoire: Vol. 3 from analysis to action

OECD development pathways

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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Development Centre
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The Multi-dimensional Review of Coãte d'Ivoire aims to support the crafting of a development strategy for Coãte d'Ivoire to reach emergence, the status of emergent economy, in 2020. The report recommends that Ivorian authorities focus on diversifying Coãte d'Ivoire's economy towards a more industrialised and modern structure, while supporting the economy's competitiveness. To achieve this goal, Coãte d'Ivoire needs to improve and develop its infrastructure network in the entire territory, encourage private sector investment in particular in SMEs, and improve education levels. A tax system that generates less distortion and more revenue to finance the growing needs of the country will also be required. This report details recommendations for each thematic area aimed at removing obstacles to emergence.The successful implementation of these reforms will require a more efficient public administration to promote the priority projects, stimulate more changes and ensure the operationalisation of actions. This report also provides a dashboard that tracks progress and provides the basis for the evaluation of changes leading to emergence in 2020.

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