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Field guide to improve water use efficiency in small-scale agriculture: the case of Burkina Faso, Morocco and Uganda

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Food and Agriculture Organization

This field guide shares practical measures to improve water use efficiency in small-scale agriculture based on case studies from Burkina Faso, Morocco and Uganda. It guides readers through their real-term implementation, calling for action to be taken at all levels, by agricultural practitioners, scheme managers, and up to policy-makers.The role of irrigation in gearing agricultural development towards broader economic growth is undeniable. While agriculture absorbs the rural workforce, generates income and increases food security, it has become the most significant driver of freshwater exploitation. This has led to generalized phenomena of imbalance between water supply and water demand, which can be tackled by enhancing water use efficiency. As farmers are often constrained by a lack of available resources in terms of budget, inputs or labour, the guide focuses on practical measures that can be followed by farmers without requiring additional resources. According to the guide, successful outcomes will depend on farmers' willingness to embrace and adopt the recommended measures.

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Format Paperback Published 01 Jun 2020
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