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Accident Prevention on Board Ship at Sea and in Port (Second Edition)

ILO Code of Practice

International Labour Office (ILO)
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The safety aspects of work on board ship are a major concern for shipowners and seafarers alike. This code of practice covers the special risks connected to the carriage of bulk cargoes such as oil, gas, chemicals and the hazards relating to roll-on/roll-off vessels, ferries and container ships. It also deals with the perennial problems of anchoring, mooring, access to the ship, use of hoisting devices, general cargo working, maintenance and so on, taking account of the growth and changing nature of sea-borne commerce in recent years.

The code, which has been drawn up by an international group of experts, is intended for all those concerned with safety and health on board ship.

This publication aims to provide guidelines based on best practices employed in many maritime countries, which can assist ship owners, seafarers and governments to improve conditions and reduce the number of accidents on board ship.

Extent 208 pages ISBN 9789221094500
Size 130 x 180mm Price £17.00
Format Paperback Published 30 Jun 1999
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