Health and Safety Executive

COSHH Safe Handling of Chemicals Poster

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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A variety of harmful substances are found in our working environments and knowing how to handle these safely is key to safety and protection from injury. With photographic illustrations, this poster shows the Do’s and Don’ts when handling chemicals. It also clearly presents the hazardous signs found on chemical containers. Text is minimal, but highlights how to safely store chemicals, how to use chemicals safely and how to protect chemicals from vulnerable people. This bright attractive poster is essential guidance in your workplace to highlight how to handle chemicals safely.

The poster includes:

  • Do's and Don'ts when handling chemicals

  • Correct procedures to follow

  • Safety hazards pictogram sign check

Extent N/A ISBN 9780717667161
Size A2 Price £11.92
(£14.30 inc. VAT)
Format Poster Published 10 Apr 2019
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