Generic Risk Assessment 2.1.4 - Rescues from Confined Spaces - Collapsed Structures

Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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Generic Risk Assessment 2.1.4 relates to the foreseeable hazards and risks associated with collapsed structure incidents attended by Fire and Rescue Authorities. It provides a starting point for Authorities to undertake their own assessments within the context of local conditions and existing organisational arrangements.

Depending upon the circumstances, buildings of the same class and type of construction may collapse in different ways. Collapsed structures may contain voids in which trapped persons can survive for comparatively long periods of time. To understand where these refuges may occur, it is necessary to be aware of the characteristics of various types of construction. Structures may be divided into the four classes:

  • Framed buildings

  • Unframed buildings

  • Structures other than buildings

    • Bridges

    • Monuments

    • Tunnels

    • Piers

    • Railway infrastructure

    • Leisure facilities and stadia

  • Temporary structures

    • Scaffolding

    • Fair grounds

    • Cranes

    • Temporary stands at events, particularly where large numbers of the public are present

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