PMO Competency Framework


House of PMO
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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The PMO Competency Framework is a guide for PMO professionals interested in assessing and developing organisation-wide, team and personal competences within a PMO environment.

This PDF provides a standard and a toolset to allow PMO professionals to understand, assess and develop the skills, behaviours and experience to achieve their PMO goals and career potential.

Aligned with the House of PMO Essentials examinations from APMG International; it serves as an official reference guide for the course.

What is in the PDF

  • Contains the key knowledge, skills and behaviours.

  • Describes the 24 core competences across four role profiles, across four different PMO contexts.

  • It contains detailed competences required across the roles in the PMO profession.

  • Essential self-assessment templates included.

Extent 340 pages ISBN 9780117092372
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