Transforming the performance of HM Customs and Excise through electronic service delivery twenty-fourth report of session 2003-04 report, together with formal minutes, oral and written evidence

House of Commons papers 2003-04 138

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Great Britain Parliament House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts
Leigh Edward chairman
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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HM Customs and Excise have a target of being able to offer all of their services electronically by 2005, with a 50% take-up by March 2006. This e-programme is a considerable investment - £327 million over 10 years to 2010 with a further £250 million enhancement of the Departments existing IT infrastructure under a PFI agreement with Fujitsu. On the basis of an NAO report (HC 1267, 2002-03, ISBN 0102923736), the Committee took evidence on the implementation of the programme, the progress made in developing an electronic Vat service, and the PFI contract. Some of the conclusions are: the initial stages of the programme have not followed good practice; £100 million as been spent without a proper business case and there is not a comprehensive contingency plan to address the risk of systems failure; progress in providing an e-VAT service has been slow.

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