Management of Portfolios, Programmes, and Projects: A practical guide for leaders and decision-makers


Henny Portman
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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Do you come across daily challenges when managing portfolios, programmes, or projects? No matter what role you have in the portfolio, programme, or project team, you will find practical solutions in this guide to help you perform more effectively and achieve your strategic objectives.

Key features include

  • health checks for portfolios, programmes, and projects, including management offices

  • checklists to assess the maturity of your organization

  • guidance on best practice for portfolio, programme, and project management

  • key topics and challenges you may face as a manager

  • roles and responsibilities involved in directing portfolios, programmes, and projects

  • a glossary of specific terms

  • a roadmap to quickly find solutions

  • appendix summarizing roles and responsibilities

Key questions include:

  • Why hasn't a strategic objective been met?

  • Why has a project missed deadlines, become more costly, or failed to produce benefits?

  • How can you communicate or collaborate with a project manager or a team working remotely?

  • Is risk management in place?

  • Are the right stakeholders involved?

About the author

With over 40 years of experience, Henny Portman shares his knowledge and offers practical advice on how to achieve success when working in projects, programmes and portfolios.

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