The '10xGeneration' is a method by which an entire organization is brought together with the same level of autonomy, visibility and alignment. All teams and individuals are aware of the strategic direction of the organization, and how they need to contribute towards achieving the desired overall outcomes. The '10xGeneration' is an unapologetic response to the wastage experienced across all organizations as they attempt to relive the heydays of their startup roots.

The term '10xGeneration' came from Ady Kalra, head of engineering and Mary-Beth Hosking, CIO for a global gaming organization. Ady and Mary-Beth began working together and felt that there was a better way to address productivity in the IT teams and across the entire business ecosystem. By bringing together best practices to increase the velocity of their teams in support of the business, and explore the overhaul of current business thinking, it is possible to show organisations they can achieve growth (growing not from 1 to 2 but from 1 to 10, then from 10 to 100, and so on).