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Generic Risk Assessments - Department for Communities and Local Government

Generic Risk AssessmentsThe Generic Risk Assessments (GRAs) from the Department for Communities and Local Government are the product of a 10 year consultation period. The GRAs in this series have been designed to safeguard emergency services personnel and members of the public.

All of the GRAs are available to order individually and as a standing order.

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Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare: Introduction

'Generic Risk Assessment (GRA) Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare' is the introduction to the new GRA suite of publications. It provides background information on the purpose of generic risk assessments and how they can be used within an organisation's risk assessment strategy.

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SECTION 1: Responding to an emergency

1.1 Emergency Response and Arrival at the Scene

'Generic Risk Assessment 1.1 - Emergency Response and Arrival at the Scene' examines the hazards, risks and controls that relate to Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) staff and others who may be affected during the period in which they receive an emergency call and begin to respond to it.

A4 Loose-leaf

SECTION 2: Rescues

A4 Loose-leaf

2.1 From Confined Spaces

2.1.1 Rescues from Sewers

2.2 From Ice/Unstable Ground

2.3 Rescue from Lifts

2.4 Flooding and Water Safety

2.5 Of Animals

2.6 Of Trapped Persons

2.7 From Underground Structures

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SECTION 3: Fighting Fires

A4 Loose-leaf

3.1 In Buildings

3.2 In High Rise Buildings

3.3 In Chimneys

3.4 In Rural Areas

3.5 In Farms

3.7 In Refuse

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SECTION 4: Incidents Involving Transport Systems

A4 Loose-leaf

4.1 Road

4.2 Rail

4.3 Air

4.5 Helicopters

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SECTION 5: Generic Hazards

A4 Loose-leaf

5.1 Electricity

5.2 Acetylene

5.3 Chemical

5.4 Biological

5.5 Radiation

5.7 Explosives

5.8 Flashover/Backdraught

5.9 Asbestos

5.10 Working at Height