Landscape Fashioned by Geology Series

Scotland's geological history is a fascinating story and one that is told area by area in the 'Landscape Fashioned by Geology Series'. These illustrated booklets explain how the countryside around us developed over geological time, relating familiar views to the rocks beneath. These publications are produced jointly with the British Geological Survey.

Mull and Iona: Landscape Fashioned by Geology Series

The wide variety of landscapes on Mull, Iona, and their surrounding isles are well known to visitors. Flat-topped hills and steep cliffs of lava in the north contrast with the high mountains of the south that have been carved out of the roots ...more

North West Highlands: Landscape Fashioned by Geology Series

This illustrated book runs through the geological history of one of Scotland's best-known and most stunning regions, the North West Highlands....more

Parallel Roads of Glen Roy: Landscape Fashioned by Geology Series

People have long been fascinated by the Parallel Roads of Lochaber. Were these striking horizontal lines on the hillsides of Glen Roy, Glen Gloy and Glen Spean formed by giants of old, as described in Gaelic myths? ...more

Rum and the Small Isles: Landscape Fashioned by Geology Series

For such a small island, the range of landscapes on the Island of Rum is varied: from jagged peaks of Askival and Hallival, rounded hills of Orval and Ard Nev in the west, and the low 'stepped' topography north of Kinloch Glen. ...more

Edinburgh and West Lothian: Landscape Fashioned by Geology Series

A revised edition of the successful Edinburgh book. The tranquil appearance of the city of Edinburgh nestling between the surrounding hills and the undulating countryside of West Lothian belies their dramatic volcanic past. The Lothian ...more

Fife and Tayside: Landscape Fashioned by Geology Series

The dramatic coastline and volcanic hills of Fife and Tayside are testament to a dramatic geological past. They tell a story of a time when Scotland sat astride the equator. This publication provides a guide to Scotland's journey through ...more

Scotland: The Creation of Its Natural Landscape: Landscape Fashioned by Geology Series

For its size Scotland has the most varied geology and natural landscapes of any country on the planet. The creation of its natural landscape is a fascinating story, told with authority and clarity....more