A guide to northern sea cucumbers: the biology and management of Cucumaria frondosa

FAO fisheries and aquaculture technical paper 700

Corporate Author:
Food and Agriculture Organization
Annie Mercier

This document synthesising knowledge on the northern sea cucumber Cucumaria frondosa was prepared for all stakeholders, including industry participants, government scientists, policymakers, and academic researchers. Its aim is to highlight the uniqueness of this marine resource to guide the industry forward and to emphasize areas that deserve further investigation. Available data from eastern and northern Canada, eastern United States of America, Greenland, northern Europe and the Russian Federation are presented. Topics covered include the taxonomy, distribution, biology, and ecology of the species, the natural threats it faces, the current harvesting, processing and marketing practices, and the prospects for aquaculture development. Relying on a knowledge base gathered over more than 40 years, this contribution compares C. frondosa with other common commercial species of sea cucumbers to tease out the major aspects that set it apart. A final section provides a number of key recommendations for its management and conservation

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