Digital Value Management System (DVMS) Institute Create, Protect and Deliver

The DVMS Institute Create, Protect and Deliver series is designed to change the way organizations think about cybersecurity in the context of creating, protecting and delivering organizational business value.

The Institute’s first publication takes stakeholders on a journey into the world where the ever-changing cyber threat landscape intersects with digital business risk. This new publication will revolutionize the way all employees think about cybersecurity, its relationship with digital business value, and why cybersecurity is a business opportunity and not a business problem.

The publication is essential guidance for all parts of the business as it will:

  • Educate all employees on the fundamentals of digital business value, its threat landscape, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and the risk associated with all digital business activities.
  • Provide IT, Cybersecurity and Business Professionals a new way to communicate with C-level executives about the business value a NIST cybersecurity program brings to existing digital business applications and employee productivity programs.