Designing and Transforming IT Organizations

Job ten Hagen
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'Designing and Transforming IT Organizations' is the introduction book to a series of (initially) six books that will provide background considerations, theory, instructions, and practical guidance for setting up organization structures in the context of improvement projects.

The areas to be covered range from designing and transforming IT organizations in general, to detailed guidance on organizing service level management, change management, incident management, application management and security management.

Key focuses:

  • Failure of IT service management projects has often been due to organizational issues. There are lots of books about ITSM, but almost none about the organizational issues of implementation projects. This book builds on the knowledge of many experts from all over the world, on theory, and extensive practice of two decades of IT service management and ITIL

  • Provides clear structures that can be reused and applied in your own practice - it follows straight-forward definitions, and uses examples and case studies to illustrate how organizational change works in practice. Above all, it provides you with a fundamental understanding of how organizations are designed and developed with a set of instruments that you can use in your own practice

  • Employees are the core of an organization, so the human factor receives extensive attention. Attention for the 'people factor' is growing fast. Everyone seems to understand that focusing on process definitions and tools is not sufficient to create a mature service organization. But practical guidance was not easy to find, until now

  • Offers a coherent set of concepts and terminology, including roles, role structures, job descriptions, processes, tasks, responsibility, authority, profession, skills, responsibility matrices (RACI), human factors, Attitude/Behaviour/Culture (ABC), separation of duties, conflict of interests, et cetera. Also, the aspects of accountability and governance are discussed, because an IT service management organization has its place in governance, and accountability has to be ensured.

Extent 220 pages ISBN 9780117080744
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Format Paperback Published 16 Aug 2012
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