Critical Communication Capability® Framework


Publisher: TSO (The Stationery Office)

The Critical Communication Framework (CCC®) Framework is a comprehensive body of practical knowledge that is designed to provide you with a shared frame of reference for handling crises more efficiently and effectively.

This publication complements the CCC® Foundation courseware, explanations of CCC® concepts, techniques, models and principles, and the CCC® self-assessment instrument to help you and your colleagues see where your organization stands relative to indicators of critical situation handling capability.

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The CCC® framework is relevant to any organisation and the individuals within an organisation. It will:

  • Help professionals working in digital organisations learn and demonstrate the skills they need to handle critical situations.
  • Break down silos in digital organisations and provide a shared frame of reference so organisations and teams have a shared objective when an issue arises.
  • Provide a framework of best practices and drills for how to detect and effectively handle problems.
  • The CCC® self-assessment will help you establish a baseline of your current capability to respond to critical situations and a roadmap for improving it

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