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What is the evidence on policies, interventions and tools for establishing and/or strengthening national health research systems and their effectiveness?

Health evidence network synthesis report 69

Corporate Author:
World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe
Stephen Hanney

Policies and interventions to improve population health and well-being and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should be informed by high-quality research evidence, including evidence derived from locally conducted research where available and appropriate. Major challenges persist in strengthening the generation and use of research evidence. These include securing sufficient research funding, building adequate capacity, avoiding poorly targeted, low-quality research production and underutilizing research findings. Developing or strengthening a national health research system (NHRS) has been proposed as a way of addressing those challenges in order to improve health. Many countries, including in the WHO European Region, do not have comprehensive national health research policies or strategies in place that would facilitate the introduction of a systems approach. Countries often struggle both to increase the production of relevant research that is used and to draw sufficiently on the global stock of evidence.

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