Transparency of media ownership

IRIS special 2021-2

Corporate Author:
European Audiovisual Observatory
Council of Europe

This publication aims at providing some clarity about how the transparency of media ownership is regulated in Europe.Mass media are said to have a watchdog role, that is, they investigate, fact-check, interview, in order to publish curated information that hold the rich and powerful accountable. Beyond that, in the words of John Reith, General Manager of the BBC from 1922 to 1939, they also play a role of educating and entertaining the public. All of these are fundamental functions in today's screen-obsessed society.Now, we could ask ourselves, like the Roman poet Juvenal did: quis custodiet ipsos custodes, which translates for our purposes as who watches the watchdogs themselves? Or said otherwise: who keeps the media from using their preeminent position for spurious purposes? To this question, the given answer could be 'civil society, regulatory authorities and, ultimately, the courts of law'. And yet, it is a bit difficult to watch the watchdog when you do not know who really the watchdogs are. Who are the persons, natural or legal, that own the media? Who are the real decision-makers when it comes to, let's say, the editorial line of a newsroom? If we agree, for example, that an unhealthy level of media concentration can threaten democracy and freedom of expression, then transparency of media ownership is fundamental for our societies

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