Mapping report on national remedies against online piracy of sports content

Corporate Author:
European Audiovisual Observatory , Council of Europe
Council of Europe

This unique comparative legal analysis looks at the scope of protection of audiovisual sports content in the legislative frameworks of the 27 EU member states and the UK.The screen life of a sports event is as short as the duration of the game in question since its interest lies mainly in its being watched live. This has as the unavoidable consequence that the piracy of live sports event broadcasts causes immediate and unrecoverable losses in terms of audience and revenues.The purpose of this project is the analysis of national remedies against online piracy of sports content, with particular emphasis placed on assessing the availability and examining the functioning of blocking and take-down injunctions, including dynamic injunctions which are being increasingly applied to certain types of online infringement. The analysis reflects a comparative perspective, which takes into account: i) the legislative frameworks and the transposition of EU directives; and ii), the procedures and case law

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