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E-Relevance: the role of arts and culture in the age of artificial intelligence

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Council of Europe
Council of Europe

This publication is about humans and their preferably democratic future living with machines, in addition to the role that the arts and culture play in this complex environment. The renowned contributors suggest that the public dialogue concerning our shared future needs to be broadened. Just as in past periods of rapid technological progress, contemporary creators and thinkers are now tapping into the excitement of artificial intelligence (AI) and inviting us to critically reconsider the complexities of the human condition and the ambiguity of our relationship with science and technology. Both academic reflections on AI and insights into AI-powered artistic expressions will provide readers with entry points to further investigate what algorithms can and should do for society and the planet

Extent 272p. ISBN 9789287191496
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Format Paperback Published 12 Mar 2022
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