Enriching 21st century language education: the CEFR companion volume in practice

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Council of Europe
Council of Europe

This volume of case studies will interest all those who aim to develop language education in order to promote and support Europe's rich linguistic and cultural diversity, thus fostering a culture of democracy and social justice in a time in which these values are increasingly under threat. This situation calls for a new vision of language education in which the development of mediation and plurilingual/pluricultural competence are crucial.These case studies report on experience in a wide variety of contexts with the concepts and descriptors of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment - Companion volume (CEFR Companion volume), which broadens the vision of the CEFR 2001, enriching the CEFR model in the areas of plurilingualism and mediation.The studies report on classroom practice and awareness-raising activities from all over Europe in secondary education, higher education, heritage language education, pre-service teacher education and adult education. The authors outline their experience in the language classroom and with stakeholders in relation to mediation, appreciation of literature, plurilingualism, online interaction and phonology. The various chapters explore the relevance and usability of the new descriptors for the implementation of an action-oriented approach to language education, presenting the challenges and opportunities they encountered in the process, and the reactions of their students and colleagues

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