A portfolio of competences for democratic culture - standard version

Corporate Author:
Council of Europe
Michael Byram
Council of Europe

An invaluable tool that can be used to foster and support the development of democratic and intercultural competences in learners.This portfolio is intended for use in conjunction with the Council of Europe's Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture (RFCDC). It requires learners to compile documents – such as recordings, texts and images – which demonstrate how they are using their competences for democratic culture in diverse situations within and beyond school. The portfolio supports learners in reflecting critically on their developing competences, and in thinking about how they will further develop their competences in the future. The contents of the portfolio also provide evidence about how a learner's proficiency in the use of these competences is developing, evidence which may be used for either formative or summative assessment purposes.There are two versions of the portfolio: a version for younger learners, that is, children up to approximately the age of 10-11 years; and a standard version, for learners from approximately 10-11 years upwards. Each version is accompanied by a guide for teachers. The present volume contains the standard version

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