Learning how to handle controversial issues in schools and other education settings: a good practice guide

Corporate Author:
Council of Europe
David Kerr, Ted Huddleston
Council of Europe

Learning how to deal with controversial issues is at the heart of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education. Highlighting best practices from case studies across Europe, this guide offers innovative approaches and practical tools to handle controversy in schools effectively.Controversy and controversial issues are at the centre and at all levels of our democratic societies. This means that learning how to deal with such issues must always be at the heart of an effective education for democratic citizenship and human rights education (EDC/HRE). That learning takes place in schools and other education settings as children and young people progress in their education from early years, through primary, lower secondary and upper-secondary phases, into tertiary and higher education and beyond.The Council of Europe has an outstanding record in promoting education for democratic citizenship, human rights education and intercultural dialogue, and in fostering and teaching about the importance of democratic culture. It is therefore fitting that the Council of Europe, in partnership with the European Union, through the Joint Programme “Democratic and Inclusive School Culture in Operation” (DISCO) – formerly known as the Human Rights and Democracy in Action Pilot Projects Scheme – has helped to facilitate the creation of this very timely good practice guide, which complements the manuals Teaching controversial issues and Managing controversy

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