Compass: a manual on human rights education with young people 2nd ed. update, 2020

Corporate Author:
Council of Europe
Patricia Brander
Council of Europe

Human rights cannot be defended by legal measures alone. They need to be protected and safeguarded by everyone, including young people. Human rights are best respected and appreciated when we know them, stand up for them and apply them in our lives.COMPASS provides youth leaders, teachers and facilitators of human rights education activities, whether professionals or volunteers, with concrete ideas and practical activities to engage, involve and motivate young people in living, learning and acting for human rights. It promotes a comprehensive perspective on human rights education and sees young people as actors for a culture of universal human rights.COMPASS was originally published in 2002 and is now available in more than 30 languages. A version specifically designed for human rights education with children - COMPASITO - enjoys a similar success. This edition is fully revised and updated to include new activities and information about human rights issues such as disability and disablism, migration, religion, remembrance, war and terrorism. In this reprint chapter 5 has been revised and the full texts of the background information moved to is a practical tool and resource for citizenship and human rights education. It is an essential companion for all those who are curious and interested in making the right to human rights education a reality for everyone.

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