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Near East and North Africa regional synthesis for the state of the world's biodiversity for food and agriculture

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Food and Agriculture Organization

This overview of the state of biodiversity for food and agriculture in the Near East and North Africa region is based on reports received from nine of the region's countries, as well as on the outcomes of an informal regional consultation organized by FAO as part of the process leading to the preparation of The State of the World's Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture. The region is one of the world's main centres of origin of cultivated crops, and the cradle of a broad range of cereals, grasses, legumes, forage crops, oil- and fibre-producing plants, vegetables, herbs, spices and fruit trees. Several countries reported that changes in land and water use and management, invasive plant species, climate change, pollution, as well as war and armed conflicts had constituted major threats to plant, animal, forest and aquatic genetic resources. According to the report, countries highlighted the need to strengthen regional cooperation and establish transboundary initiatives for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity for food and agriculture. Priorities include network-building, improving regional coordination, policy development, awareness-raising, capacity building and improving the monitoring of biodiversity for food and agriculture.

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