Food control system assessment tool: Dimension D - science/knowledge base and continuous improvement

Food safety and quality series 7/5

Corporate Author:
Food and Agriculture Organization , World Health Organization

This volume reviews the features necessary for the system to build scientific soundness, incorporate risk analysis principles and keep abreast of new scientific developments and innovations to improve. It explores how competent authorities anchor their decisions in relevant scientific and technical information, reviews the robustness of information-collection processes as a foundation for risk analysis, and assesses the use made of this risk analysis framework to handle food safety risks. The FAO/WHO Food Control System Assessment Tool provides a harmonized, objective and consensual basis for analysing the performance of a national food control system, with the aim of protecting the health of consumers and ensuring fair practices in the food trade. It seeks to support countries in identifying and prioritizing areas of improvement and planning activities to reach expected outcomes and monitor progress. The Tool is based on Codex principles and Guidelines for National Food Control Systems as well as other relevant Codex guidance.

Extent viii, 47p. ISBN 9789251316566
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Format Paperback Published 30 Jun 2020
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