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Sustainability of biogas and cassava-based ethanol value chains in Viet Nam: results and recommendations from the implementation of the global bioenergy partnership indicators

Environment and natural resources management: working paper 69

Corporate Author:
Food and Agriculture Organization
Tiziana Pirelli (editor), Andrea Rossi (editor), Constance Miller (editor)

This report looks at the use of 24 indicators elaborated by the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) for the assessment and monitoring of bioenergy sustainability in Viet Nam. The GBEP indicators are intended to provide policy-makers with information on the environmental, social and economic sustainability aspects of the bioenergy sector in their country and guide their policies accordingly. Ethanol from cassava and biogas at both household and industrial levels were chosen for this analysis as they were considered to be particularly relevant bioenergy pathways by national stakeholders. In addition to offering interesting insights into the sustainability of the selected pathways, the implementation of the GBEP indicators provided Viet Nam with a basis for establishing a long-term, periodic monitoring of its domestic bioenergy sector.

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