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Fingermark Visualisation Manual 1st Edition

Ringbinder Edition

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This guidance replaces the widely used 'Manual of Fingerprint Development Techniques' 2nd Edition. It has been vastly revised and extended and it is present in a new style to reflect advances in both science and operational practice.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the Print-on-Demand version of the Fingermark Visualisation Manual, First Edition. The new Fingermark Visualisation Manual (ISBN: 9781782462347) has been designed as an electronic interactive PDF, enabling easy navigation throughout the document. This interactivity will be lost in paper format and as such the usability of the document will be affected.

The Fingermark Visualisation Manual is available to download as a fully searchable PDF from the TSO online library www.officialpublicationsonline.co.uk.

Please contact officialpubsonline@tso.co.uk to place your order.

Key features

  • About this Manual: An overview of the Manual, its intended readership and a user guide

  • NEW Forensic Evidence Recovery: Provides background information (such as context, under-standing, concepts and cautions) required for an understanding of the remainder of the Manual

  • REVISED Safe and Effective Implementation of the Processes: Provides general information for setting up and using fingermark processes safely and effectively

  • REVISED Process Selection: Guides fingermark recovery planning through the selection of charts and additional supporting information

  • REVISED The Processes: Vastly extended across two chapters to cover routine and non-routine processes with varying levels of detail to reflect the level of evaluation and maturity

  • NEW Integrating Forensic Processes: Highlights possible interferences between fingermark and other forensic evidence recovery and identifies considerations for planning the optimal recovery sequence

    NEW Appendices: (1) the decision-making process as demonstrated through case studies and (2) a fingermark research guide

  • Glossary and Index: Provided to assist the user with terminology and quick navigation


Download the DSTL Fingermark Visualisation Newsletter (PDF 1MB)

Extent 960 pages ISBN 9781782462705
Size TBC Price £325.00
Format Loose-leaf with ringbinder Published 14 Apr 2014
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