Fire and Rescue Authority operational guidance: breathing apparatus PDF

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Great Britain Department for Communities and Local Government, Chief Fire and Rescue Adviser
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Breathing apparatus (BA) is used in atmospheres that are hazardous to health. Often the work will be complex, physically and psychologically demanding and, in some circumstances, normal sensory perceptions will be denied. This guidance will provide support for the fire and rescue services in the resolution of incidents involving breathing apparatus. Operational guidance provides a consistency of approach and forms the basis for common operational practices. Chapters cover: strategic role of operational guidance; risk assessment; key principles; fire and rescue service operations - pre-planning considerations; operational procedures: BA entry control, air management, communications, telemetry, search and rescue within structure, BA guidelines, BA ancillary equipment and additional procedures, welfare of BA wearers, emergency arrangements, interoperability, national resilience. Supporting in formation is provided with references, the legal framework, a list of abbreviations, a glossary of terms and five appendices.

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Fire and Rescue Authority operational guidance: breathing apparatus