Guidelines on the Reuse of Potable Water for Food Processing Operations

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Campden BRI
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Guidelines on the reuse of potable water for food processing operations provides help on the assessment of microbiological, chemical and physical hazards that can enter potable water following its first use in a food processing operation.

Water is an essential resource in primary production and food manufacturing. There are limited supplies of both surface and ground water, and the demand for use in agriculture, by industry and for domestic use, is leading to even greater control on the supply and availability of water. Re-using water is fast becoming a major desirable option.

The outcome of this risk assessment will determine the degree of reconditioning necessary for its use in a second food processing operation. Information is also given on applicable reconditioning treatments. In particular, this guidance will help food manufacturers provide evidence and documentation to support the safe reuse of water to their customers and the Competent Authority as required.

Content includes:

  • Definitions

  • Introduction

  • First use water

  • Water reuse risk assessment

  • Hazard mitigation strategies

  • Control options

  • Documentation

  • References

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