Risk Assessment and Management of Raw Materials

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Campden BRI
Campden BRI
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Risk Assessment and Management of Raw Materials provides guidance on the application of risk assessment techniques to identify, evaluate and control hazards associated with raw materials in a food or feed manufacturing environment.

The guideline is designed for companies of all sizes that are looking to develop or update a procedure for raw material risk assessment. It is compatible with the Campden BRI publication HACCP: A Practical Guide.

The guideline is split into five sections, which cover the following aspects of the procedure for raw material risk assessment:

  • Section 1 describes risk assessment and how it fits with risk analysis and commercial standards within the food industry

  • Section 2 describes general hazard types often associated with raw materials and gives guidance on sources of further information on hazards

  • Section 3 provides a step-by-step outline of a risk assessment method

  • Section 4 describes horizon scanning as a tool for identifying emerging and potential threats that a risk assessment team should consider as part of the ongoing process

  • Section 5 offers a list of information sources to help remain up-to-date

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