Foreign Bodies in Foods: Guidelines for their Prevention, Control and Detection (Second Edition)

Guideline 5 - PDF

Campden BRI
Campden BRI
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Foreign body contamination is among the biggest sources of complaints and prosecution in the food industry. It is therefore vital that the food supply and allied industries are aware of, and act in accordance with, the latest developments in the control, prevention and detection of foreign bodies in food.

This guideline outlines the approaches to the prevention, control and detection of foreign bodies in foods and will help businesses to assess which of these approaches are appropriate to the challenges presented by the nature and scale of their specific operations.

Contents include:

  • Definitions of foreign bodies

  • Scale of the problem

  • Reasonable precautions and due diligence

  • Suggested procedures for investigating a foreign body incident

  • Control factors

  • Selection of detection and rejection systems

  • Metal detection systems

  • X-ray detection systems

  • Vision and optical detection systems

  • Physical separation systems

  • Manual sorting

  • New and emerging foreign body detection technologies

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