Cleaning and Disinfection of Food Factories: A Practical Guide

Guideline 55 - PDF

Campden BRI
Campden BRI
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This is the definitive guideline for Technical, Operational and Hygiene Managers, providing information and advice on the design, implementation and control of cleaning and disinfection programmes.

Written with an industry working party, which provided expertise in the fields of both food manufacture and hygiene, the guideline covers every element of the sanitation programme helping users to ensure the physical, chemical and microbiological contaminants are all removed.

Topics covered by the guidelines include:

  • Responsibilities for cleaning and disinfection

  • Selection of chemicals required

  • Methods and frequency of cleaning and disinfection

  • Schedules

  • Assessment and auditing of the programme

  • Training

  • Programme review

Extent 136 pages ISBN 9780117080799
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Format PDF Format help (opens in new window) Published 16 Mar 2012
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