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Tuesday 3 May 2016


The little data book 2016.

Corporate Author:
World Bank

The Little Data Book 2016 is a pocket edition of World Development Indicators 2016. It is intended as a quick reference for users of the World Development Indicators database, book, and mobile app. The database covers more than 1,200 indicators and spans more than 50 years. The 214 country tables present the latest available data for World Bank member countries and other economies with populations of more than 30,000. The 14 summary tables cover regional and income group aggregates.

  • ISBN: 9781464808340
  • 13.50


Benchmarking and self-assessment for parliaments.

Directions in development (Public sector governance)
Corporate Author:
World Bank
Mitchell O'Brien (editor), Rick Stapenhurst (editor), Lisa von Trapp (editor)

With international focus on good governance and parliamentary effectiveness, a standards-based approach involving benchmarks and assessment frameworks has emerged to evaluate parliament's performance and guide its reforms. The World Bank has been a leader in the development of these frameworks, stewarding a global multi-stakeholder process aimed at enhancing consensus around parliamentary benchmarks and indicators with international organisations and parliaments across the world. The results so far, some of which are captured in this book, are encouraging: countries as diverse as Australia, Canada, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zambia have used these frameworks for self-evaluation and to guide efficiency-driven reforms. Donors and practitioners, too, are finding the benchmarks useful as baselines against which they can assess the impact of their parliamentary strengthening programs. The World Bank itself is using these frameworks to surface the root causes of performance problems and explore how to engage with parliamentary institutions in order to achieve better results. The World Bank can identify opportunities to help improve the oversight function of parliament, thus holding governments to account, giving 'voice' to the poor and disenfranchised, and improving public policy formation in order to achieve a nation's development goals. In doing so, we are helping make parliaments themselves more accountable to citizens and more trusted by the public.

  • ISBN: 9781464803277
  • 29.00

IT and Communications

Service management online: creating a successful service request catalogue (PDF).

Phyliss Drucker

This is a practical guide for those in IT service management who create and develop efficient service request catalogues for consumer and business services. In order to have smooth online transactions, the service request catalogue is critical. The author defines the service request catalogue and goes onto to show how to optimally design and create a successful customer experience. This is a frequently confused area and the author provides practical guidance as well as distinguish the differences between defined services and requests associated with them. Also included are topics such as integrating governance, tool considerations and catalogue measurement and improvement

  • ISBN: 9780117082922
  • 35.00 + VAT