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Raptors: A Field Guide for Surveys and Monitoring - With CD-ROM 'Raptor Calls: Britain and Ireland' (Second Edition)

The Natural Heritage of Scotland Series

Jon Hardey, Humphrey Crick, Chris Wernham, Helen Riley, Brian Etheridge, and Des Thompson
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Browse inside 9780114973452: Raptors: A Field Guide for Surveys and Monitoring - With CD-ROM 'Raptor Calls: Britain and Ireland' (Second Edition)

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This is the Second Edition of the extremely popular and bestselling field guide on the survey and monitoring of raptors. As with the first edition, the guide is written for people who watch, survey and monitor raptors and it provides detailed descriptions of survey methods for all species of raptor (Accipitriformes, Falconiformes and Strigiformes) that occur regularly in Britain and Ireland.

At a time when many raptors in Britain and Ireland are recovering from low populations in the mid to late 20th Century, or earlier, there is a growing demand for high quality information on numbers, distribution and population trends of these birds. This book aims to promote best practice for survey and monitoring. It is hoped that it will provide a starting point for anyone wanting to begin a raptor study, and indeed that it will help inspire a new generation of raptor ecologists.

The field guide has been written and edited by experienced professionals, members of the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Group, drawing on the knowledge and experience of over 300 raptors specialists. Recently, the Group was awarded the prestigious Best Practice Award by the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.

The Second Edition of this field guide has been updated to take account of feedback received from raptor fieldworkers based on their experience of using the book, as well as reviewers. It also includes a new section featuring high quality, full colour photographs of raptor feathers for identification purposes. This section contains 55 pictures clearly showing the wing formula and diagnostic features for 22 species of raptor, including separate photographs for males and females of sexually dimorphic species. These photographs have been supplied by Marian Cieslak and Boleslaw Dul, the authors of the excellent field guide, 'Feathers: Identification for Bird Conservation' from the Natura Publishing House (www.naturapublishing.eu/).

Combined with the species accounts, the detailed introduction to survey and monitoring techniques contained in part one, and a CD of key raptor calls, the photographs help to create a more comprehensive guide for those interested in the study of raptors.

'Raptors: A Field Guide for Surveys and Monitoring' has been funded by Scottish Natural Heritage, with assistance from the other Statutory Conservation Agencies in Britain and Ireland, as well as non-government bodies concerned with birds of prey.

Key Features:

  • Makes important contributions to the understanding of the ecology and conservation of raptors.

  • Written by experienced raptor specialists.

  • CD of key raptor calls.

  • 57 feather photographs.

  • Paperback.

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Reviews of the First Edition:

"One of the great strengths of the book is the wide input from raptor ecologists throughout Britain & Ireland, so that the text not only summarises what is known from the literature but also includes knowledge gained from long hours in the field." British Bird, Ian Carter (April 2007)

"This excellent manual will facilitate the standardization of research techniques and ensure that the collection of data for ongoing and new projects meets the highest possible standards […] Overall, I find the balance between breadth and detail superb." IBIS, Christian Rutz (July 2007)

"The publishers deserve to be congratulated on creating a thoroughly useful publication…if you'd like to see more raptors and understand their lifestyles, you should buy it." Birdwatch (July 2007)

"This excellent field guide is aimed at people who watch, survey or monitor birds of prey. It provides detailed descriptions of survey methods for all 21 species of raptors and owls that occur regularly in Britain and Ireland, along with another five species that occur irregularly. At such it covers almost half of the 56 species of raptors and owls in Europe, 55% of which are considered to be in unfavourable conservation status at European level, and 10 of which are globally threatened or near-threatened. I highly recommend it." World Birdwatch, Ian Burfield (September 2007)

Extent 384 pages ISBN 9780114973452
Size 245 x 165mm Price £18.90
(£18.99 inc. VAT)
Format Paperback Published 05 Oct 2009
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