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Review of ITV's Contracts Rights Renewal Undertakings

Competition Commission (CC)
TSO (The Stationery Office)

In October 2003, the CC's report was published on the proposed merger between Carlton Communications Plc (Carlton) and Granada Plc (Granada) to form ITV plc (ITV). The CC, in its advice to the then Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, found that the merger would be likely to result in an adverse effect on future competition for the sale of advertising airtime.

The CC concluded that the merger should only be allowed to proceed subject to certain conditions, including that a remedy be put into place to protect advertisers. The remedy would also protect other commercial broadcasters. This remedy was described as the contracts rights renewal (CRR) remedy.

Key features:

  • Background to the review

  • The 2003 report

  • Assessment of changes in the enhanced market position of ITV1

  • Assessment of costs of the CRR undertakings

  • Assessment of possible variations to the CRR undertakings

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