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Draft Consumer Rights Bill

Cm. 8657

Department for Business, Innovation & Skills
TSO (The Stationery Office)

'Draft Consumer Rights Bill (Cm. 8657)' outlines measures to enhance consumer rights and make them easier to understand, aiming to boost the economy by 4 billion over the next decade.

The proposals streamline overlapping and complicated areas from eight pieces of legislation into one consumer Bill, while also introducing new rights for consumers and businesses.

Under the draft Bill, consumers will have the right to:

  • some money back after one failed repair of faulty goods (or one faulty replacement);

  • demand that substandard services are redone or failing that get a price reduction;

  • get a repair or a replacement of faulty digital content such as film and music downloads, online games and e-books.

The draft Bill also proposes a set 30 day time period for when consumers can return faulty goods and get a full refund.

New measures in the draft Bill that will benefit businesses include:

(i) a new requirement for enforcers such as Trading Standards Officers to give reasonable notice to businesses when carrying out routine inspections, reducing costs to business;

(ii) faster and lower cost remedies for businesses who have been disadvantaged as the result of breaches in competition law; and

(iii) a reduction in ongoing training costs, so businesses will spend less time understanding their obligations or considering different scenarios when training staff.

Consumers spend more than 59 million hours a year dealing with problems realated to goods and services. The Bill provides clarity in areas such as digital content, services and goods in order to reduce that cost.

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