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Crime and Courts Bill [HL]

HL 17, Second Report of Session 2012-13 - Report

House of Lords - Select Committee on the Constitution
TSO (The Stationery Office)

'Crime and Courts Bill [HL] (HL 17)' examines the constitutional implications of the Crime and Courts Bill.

The report focuses on three aspects of the bill:

  • the National Crime Agency and counter-terrorism policing;

  • the size of the UK Supreme Court; and

  • Judicial appointments.

The Committee raise concerns regarding 'Clause 2' - the issue of the proper relationship between parliamentary and executive law making. It is felt that there are not adequate procedural safeguards and the House will wish to consider whether primary legislation is the appropriate vehicle for the constitution.

It is also felt that if provision for a possible reduction in the size of the Supreme Court is to be made, Parliament should retain a role.

With regard to judicial appointments the focus further centres on four concerns:

  • the role of the Lord Chancellor in relation to the appointment of the Lord Chief Justice and the President of the Supreme Court;

  • the absence of an express diversity duty on the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice;

  • the absence of proposals to increase the retirement age for certain senior judges; and

  • the absence of proposals about government lawyers becoming judges.

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