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Draft Energy Bill

Cm. 8362

Department for Energy and Climate Change
TSO (The Stationery Office)

'Draft Energy Bill (Cm. 8362)' sets out the Government's commitment to obtaining a secure, safe, affordable and low-carbon energy system. This will mean achieving its climate change and renewable energy targets, including a 34% reduction in COČ emissions by 2020 (relative to 1990) and at least an 80% reduction by 2050, and working toward ensuring 15% of UK energy comes from renewable sources by 2020.

This transition will require major investment in modern technologies, to help renovate buildings to provide for the electrification of our heating, industry and transport; and to move to cleaner power generation.

At the core of the Bill is the need to ensure that, as older power plants are taken offline and electricity demand continues to increase, the UK remains able to generate enough energy to meet its needs.

The Draft Bill sets out the Government's plans to:

  • implement the electricity market reforms set out in the white paper 'Planning our electric future' (see below);

  • clarify the role of the regulator, Ofgem;

  • establish an Office for Nuclear Regulation;

  • make changes to the offshore transmission regulatory framework; and

  • make provisions for the potential sale of the Government Pipeline and Storage System.

Major changes are also required of individuals in the way energy is used by industry and the public sector. This document contains the Draft Bill and Explanatory Notes, together with a Summary Impact Assessment.

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