Medical Ethics

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Ethical Eye - Euthanasia: Volume I - Ethical and Human Aspects

In producing this series, the Council of Europe, the longest-standing human rights organisation in Europe, provides a unique insight into the ethical concerns related to recent scientific developments....more

Ethical Eye - Transplants

In this readable volume many of the complex ethical issues related to the developments in transplantation surgery are discussed, such as the dangers of organ trafficking, problems linked to patient waiting lists, organ shortages, and so on....more

The Vegatative State

The strange and harrowing sight of a person being awake but unaware with no evidence of a working mind - the characteristics of the vegetative state - provokes intense debate and raises profound questions for health professionals, ethicists, philosophers and lawyers. ...more

Ethical Eye - Cloning

In this publication, scientists, philosophers, lawyers and journalists explain the ethical issues linked with various cloning techniques and put forward their differing view on the matter. Some of the questions answered include: does therapeutic cloning pave the way to the cloning of human beings? ...more

The Ethics of Medical Research on Humans

One of the most difficult problems that confronts clinicians and medical professionals is how to apply ethical principles to real decisions affecting patients. In this even-handed book, Foster examines the three main approaches to moral decision-making: goal-based, duty-based and rights-based. ...more

Ethical Eye - The Human Genome

Research on the human genome is opening up a wealth of possibilities in terms of understanding human evolution and developing medicine. In this volume of the new 'Ethical eye' series, ten international experts look at the topic from different angles, providing factual information about what the human genome ...more

Errors, Medicine and the Law

Untoward injuries are unacceptably common in medical treatment, at times with tragic consequences for patients. The phrases ‘an epidemic of error’ and ‘the medical toll’ have been coined to describe this problem of ‘iatrogenic harm’, which it has been suggested ...more