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Fume Cupboards in Schools

Building Bulletin 88

Architects and Building Branch - Department for Education and Employment
TSO (The Stationery Office)
Fume Cupboards in Schools - Front
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This Building Bulletin reviews the requirements for fume cupboards used in schools and colleges for teaching the sciences, mainly chemistry and biology, up to A-level.

This publication covers the level of provision that is desirable to meet curriculum needs and makes recommendations for good practice in the design, specification and installation of fume cupboards and their related extraction systems.

Key features:

  • Legal requirements

  • Fume cupboard standards

  • Information, instruction and training

  • Monitoring and maintenance

  • Recommended provision of fume cupboards in schools

  • Choice of fume cupboards

  • Specification of school fume cupboards

  • The siting of fume cupboards

  • Extraction systems

  • Commissioning and monitoring fume cupboard systems

  • Repairing and upgrading existing fume cupboards.

Extent 56 pages ISBN 9780112710271
Size tbc Price £14.95
Format Paperback Published 16 Apr 1998
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