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Northern Ireland Assembly

Northern Ireland AssemblyThe Northern Ireland Assembly was established as a result of the Belfast Agreement of 10 April 1998. It consists of 108 elected Members (MLAs) - six from each of the 18 Westminster constituencies - and meets in Parliament Buildings, Belfast.

It has full legislative and executive authority over all matters that are the responsibility of the Northern Ireland Government Departments. The Northern Ireland Assembly's main role is to scrutinise and make decisions on the issues dealt with by Government Departments and to consider and enact primary legislation.

Latest Publications...

Official Report (Hansard) and Journal of Proceedings: Bound Volume 87 (08 July 2013 to 29 September 2013)

The Official Report of the Northern Ireland Assembly, also known as Hansard, is the authoritative record of the proceedings of the Assembly. The Official Report is a substantially verbatim transcript of the proceedings; it records what was said as well as what was decided. ...more

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TSO Ireland Northern Ireland Assembly Standing Order Service

Keeping abreast of Northern Ireland Assembly (NIA) information can be time consuming. Get the latest updates by signing up for our new TSO Ireland NIA Standing Order service. Sign up to receive subject-specific updates on NIA affairs and, when information relating to the NIA is published, a hard copy will be dispatched to you immediately by first class post.

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More Northern Ireland Assembly Committee Reports....

Hansard  Northern Ireland Assembly: Official Report: Annual Subscription

'Hansard Northern Ireland Assembly: Official Report' provides a verbatim record of speeches, debates, questions and answers; the report provides a fascinating record of the day's proceedings. Hansard contains a list of Assembly members as well as details on the committees and discussed legislation. ...more

  • Published: N/A
  • Sub. No.: 7002013
  • £325.00

Northern Ireland Assembly  Weekly Information Bulletin: Annual Subscription

An invaluable guide containing past and forthcoming Plenary and Committee business with detailed information on Ministers, Departments and Committee Membership, the Weekly Information Bulletin (WIB) is a convenient and cost effective way of keeping up with events in the Assembly. ...more

  • Published: N/A
  • Sub. No.: 7002014
  • £150.00

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