Economics Annual Subscriptions

EC Economic Data Pocket Book

Print, PDF, Print + PDF Combined
Frequency - Monthly
Publisher - Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (EUROSTAT)

Made up of statistics including: Output; labour markets; prices, wages and labour costs; external position; public finance; monetary developments; exchange rates.

Monthly PDF Version

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Economic Labour Market Review (ELMR)

Print Edition
Frequency - Annual
Publisher - Office for National Statistics (ONS)

'Economic and Labour Market Review (ELMR)' draws together research and analysis – plus a range of content found in Economic Trends and Labour Market Trends – to build an up-to-date statistical picture of the UK economy and labour market.

Economic Studies

Print and Internet Access
Frequency - Half-yearly
Publisher - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Made up of articles which focus on applied economic and statistical analysis, generally with an international or cross-country dimension. Many of the articles are derived from papers produced for the OECD intergovernmental committees and, from time to time, from studies done by other parts of the OECD secretariat and by special consultants.

Economic Studies, Internet Access

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Economic Trends

Print Edition
Frequency - Monthly
Publisher - Office for National Statistics

This title brings together all the main UK economic indicators. The largest section gives time series and graphs for the last five years or so, plus several pages of the latest information and an analysis of indicators in relation to the business cycle over the last 20 years. Other articles comment on and analyse economic statistics. Economic trends is the primary publication for the quarterly national accounts and balance of payment articles. It is also supplemented by a quarterly publication, UK Economic Accounts, which is included in the subscription.

European Economy

Print Edition
Frequency - 2 Issues p.a.
Publisher - Office for Official Publications of the European Communities

Published twice a year, this journal contains important reports and communications from the Commission to the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament on the economic situation and developments, as well as the borrowing and lending activities of the Community. It also presents reports and studies on problems concerning economic policy.
Please note that this subscription does not include supplements.

Eurostatistics: Data for Short-term Economic Analysis

Print and Print + PDF combined
Frequency - 11 Issues p.a.
Publisher - Office for Official Publications of the European Communities

These statistics offer the opportunity to compare general economic and social trends in the EC, USA and Japan. Topics covered include: exchange rates, interest rates, money supply, balance of payments, unemployment, industrial production, steel, agriculture and foreign trade, offering a comprehensive basis for economic analysis. The information is published monthly, and the data are divided into three types:

  • 'In Brief Section', outlining main events and trends
  • Graphs illustrating the most significant economic series in the EC, USA and Japan
  • Short-term trends, all of which is extracted every 20th day of each month from the economic information section of the Cronos Database

Government Accounting and Audit on CD-ROM

CD-ROM, up to 5 users
Frequency: Annual
This CD-ROM brings together Government accounting, the Government internal audit manual (GIAM), the Government information systems audit manual (GIASM) and Resource accounting. The Government Accounting Manual is a guide to accounting and financial procedures for the use of central governmental bodies, focusing particulary on Parliamentary control of expenditure. GIAM and GIASM help internal auditors ensure that control systems in their organisations enable their objectives, including compliance with the requirement of Government Accounting. The Resource Accounting Manual establishes the main accounting concepts and principles to be adopted under resource accounting. It sets out the format of the primary statements and supporting notes to be included in resource accounts; provides guidance on which entities should be included in a departments' consolidated accounts; and outlines the proposed publication and audit cycle.

Government Accounting and Audit on CD-ROM

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Money, Finance and the Euro

Print and PDF
Frequency: Monthly
Replaces, as far as content is concerned, ECUSTAT, ECU-EMS info. and Central Bank interest rates; Money & Finance. It provides short-term time series for a wide range of financial indicators such as interest rates, exchange rates, money supply and official reserves. It also contains specific information related to EMU such as the convergence criteria and the new exchange rate mechanism ERM2.

OECD/CCET Economic Surveys

Print, Internet access
Frequency - irregular (approx. 20-23 per year)
These surveys provide, for individual countries, a detailed analysis of recent developments in demand, production, employment, prices and wages, conditions in the money and capital markets, and developments in the balance of payments. They include short term forecasts as well as analysis of economic issues which are of special relevance for the elaboration of the country's economic policies at the time of the annual review. They offer an authoritative source for information onthe economic policies and performance of the industrialised countries within the OECD.

OECD/CCET Economic Surveys, Internet access

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OECD Main Economic Indicators

Print & Internet access, Internet access only, CD-ROM
Frequency: Monthly
This publication provides statistics on recent economic developments in OECD Member Countries. The indicators selected cover national accounts, industrial production, deliveries, stock and orders, construction, internal trade, labour wages, prices, domestic and foreign finance, interest rates, trade and payments. It is designed to provide, at a glance, a picture of the most recent changes in the economy of the OECD countries, and a collection of international statistics on the economic developments affecting th OECD area. The CD-ROM has data since 1960 whilst the book has data for four years.

OECD Main Economic Indicators, CD-ROM

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The OECD Observer

Print edition
Frequency - Bi-monthly
A bi-monthly, attractively presented magazine with articles and features on the most important areas dealt with by the OECD including economic growth, labour markets, social policy, demography, education, transport and more. A subscription includes a copy of "OECD in figures", containing more than 60 pages of statistics on member countries (normally available in June/July).

OECD Quarterly National Accounts

Print, CD-ROM, Internet access
Frequency - Quarterly
Contains national accounts for individual OECD Member coutnries. Data covers the GDP of each country, with a breakdown of its composition.

OECD Quarterly National Accounts, CD-ROM

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OECD Statistical Compendium

Frequency: Annual
This subscription is particularly useful in providing a macroeconomic overview of the economies of all OECD member countries.

OECD Working Papers

Print edition
Frequency - approx. 150 per year
These papers, written by international experts are the basis for meetings, conferences and seminars. They provide the most recent analysis and statistics on subjects they cover. Leading political figures, as well as eminent persons in the scientific community and in the world of industry who deal with the OECD find the papers of value. Subjects covered include macro-economics, industry and labour, education, environment, trade, science and technology, aid and development, fiscal affairs, energy, agriculture, urban studies, economics in transition, etc. These papers are a unique source of information with its coverage of the socio-economic problems in the world today.

Quarterly National Accounts ESA

Frequency: Quarterly
This publication gives the main results from the quarterly national accounts, which are the essential basis of short-term economic analysis. It includes totals for both the European Union and the Economic and Monetary Union as well as those Member States that regularly compile quarterly accounts. These developments in Europe are compared to those in our main economic partners (USA, Canada, Japan, EFTA, G7, etc.). The analysis focuses primarily on real changes, in volume terms, but also includes current price data and price change.

Transnational Corporations

Print edition
Frequency - 2 issues per year + annual report
A Journal that publishes articles on the economic, legal, social and cultural impacts of transnational corporations in the global economy, and the resultant policy implications for countries worldwide. It focuses in particular on the political-economical issues. Formerly CTC reporter.

Monthly Commodity Price Bulletin

Frequency: Monthly
This subscription provides tabled listing average prices across a number of years for different commodities.

United Kingdom Economic Accounts (UKEA)

Print Edition
Frequency - Annual
Publisher - Office for National Statistics (ONS)

'United Kingdom Economic Accounts (UKEA)' provides detailed estimates of national product, income and expenditure for the United Kingdom. It also contains tables showing the main aggregates of gross domestic product (GDP) and balance of payments (BoP), plus income and capital account, financial accounts, financial balance sheets by sector, articles on key economic developments, GDP, Balance of Payments, and the sectors accounts for the latest quarter.