Health and Pharmaceutical Subscriptions

Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Frequency: bi-monthly
This subscription presents original research findings selected on the basis of their immediate or potential relevance to problems of human health. It offers access to new laboratory, clinical and epidemiological data drawn from a broad range of fields.

Drug Tariff

Frequency: Annual Subscription (12 issues per year)
The Drug Tariff provides up-to-date guidance for dispensing doctors and pharmacists regarding the latest drugs and appliances charges. Included in the Drug Tariff is the latest guidance regarding what will be paid to contractors for NHS Services.

Environmental Health Criteria Series

Frequency: irregular (c.15 reports per year)
This series focuses on the public and environmental health aspects of a specific chemical. It is a detailed examination of hazards related to the chemicals concerned.

Health Statistics

Frequency: quarterly
This quarterly subscription contains commentary on the latest findings, topical articles on relevant subjects and regularly updated statistical tables showing trends on the latest information on: deaths, childhood mortality, cancer survival, abortions, congenital anomolies, morbidity etc. Statistical coverage includes England and Wales, and in many instances the UK as a whole and constituent countries.

Pan American Journal of Public Health

Frequency: monthly
A merging of the former Bulletin of the Pan American Health Organization and the Bolétin de la Oficina Sanitaria Panamerciana. Its two basic objectives being to publish research and review articles on public health subjects of interest in the countries of the Americas, and to make known the activites and priorities of PAHO and co-operation with the member countries. Mainly in Spanish, English and Portugese.


The Identification CD-ROM for tablets and capsules
CD-ROM & internet access
Frequency: Quarterly
TICTAC is the only comprehensive source of authoritative date for identifying solid dose form medicines, enabling the rapid identification of over 13,000 tablets, capsules and transdermal patches and :SD stamps by their physical characteristics and markings. TICTAC provides extensive coverage of prescription and OTC medicines, illicit drugs, veterinary products, herbal/health preparations, parallel imported products and homeopathic medicines. Over 25,000 colour digitised images are included on the CD-ROM, enabling users to verify their results.


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United States Pharmacopeia and the National Formulary

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the National Formulary (NF) represent the official US compendia of acceptable standards for strength, quality, purity, packaging, labelling and storage for drugs and excipients.

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Instant Web access maintained by the USP, includes the latest Chromatographic Reagents.Shared access through your company's intranet server

Weekly Epidemiological Record

Frequency: weekly
An essential instrument for the collation and dissemination of epidemiological data useful in disease surveillance and control. Data on AIDS includes regular updates on the global number of cases, groups at risk, modes to transmission, preventative measures and prospects for vaccine development.

WHO Drug Information

Frequency: quarterly
This quarterly subscription communicated pharmaceutical information that is either developed and issued by WHO or transmitted to WHO by research and regulatory agencies throughout the world. The journal gives priority to reports from epidemiological studies, drug trials and regulatory authorities.