Environmental and Agricultural Subscriptions

Agricultural Markets: Prices

Frequency: Annually
Statistics on the agricultural markets and price comparisons of EC countries. It contains information on prices fixed by the Council of the European Commission, providing an overview in tabular form of the prices in different markets of the EC.

Energy Prices and Taxes

Print, Diskette
Frequency: Quarterly
This publication incorporates three sections, covering: import and export prices, trade regulations and duties in section one, gives energy end use prices, taxes and prices indices in national currencies for all OECD countries, covering various products including fuel oil, electricity and natural gases in section two, and covers all of section two for non OECD countries in section three.

Energy Monthly Statistics

Print, PDF
Frequency: Monthly + glossary
This subscription provides graphs and statistics to help show the short-term trends in the energy economy (coal, oil, gas, electrical).


CD plus internet access
Frequency: monthly
FAOSTAT now offers an annual subscription service that provides extended on-line query and download limits (5,000 records per query) and unlimited access to FTP bulk download files. The subscription rate covers all data updates, new data domains and collections and new functionality added during the subscription period.

FAOSTATS, single user

  • Sub. No.: 7201011
  • Price: £810.00
    (£972.00 inc. VAT)

FAOSTATS, 2-5 users

  • Sub. No.: 7201012
  • Price: £1,215.00
    (£1,458.00 inc. VAT)

FAOSTATS, 6-10 users

  • Sub. No.: 7201013
  • Price: £1,690.00
    (£2,028.00 inc. VAT)

FAOSTATS, Institutional/library network

  • Sub. No.: 7201014
  • Price: £1,015.00
    (£1,218.00 inc. VAT)

Industry and Environment Review

Frequency: 4 issues a year
This publication focuses on environmental topics of a specific sector of industry, responding to the need for information on environmental standards and the need to bring economic and environmental interests together. Articles are written by and for industry managers, government officials and researchers in the field of sustainable development.

Kew Bulletin

Frequency: quarterly
The Kew Bulletin publishes articles on vascular plants and macro-fungi. The research papers are mostly revisions of species or higher groups in defined regions and many reflect Kew's interests in the systemics of tropical and sub-tropical plants. Descriptions of new taxa are an important feature. Papers on palnyology, cytology, anatomy and phytochemistry are also included. At the end of each issue there is a book review/notices section on current taxonomic and related works.

Kew Bulletin

  • Sub. No.: 7003038
  • Price: £210.00

Kew Record of Taxonomic Literature Relating to Vascular Plants

Frequency: Quarterly
The Kew record lists references to publications relating to the taxonomy of flowering plants, gymnosperms and ferns. In addition to sections on taxonomic groups, there are references on phytogeography, nomenclature, chromosome surveys, chemotaxonomy and floras and botanical institutions. Papers of taxonomic interest in the fields of anatomy and morphology, palnyology, embryology, and reproductive biology are also included. Entries are arranged by subject and there are authors and genus indexes in each issue, with cumulated indexes at the end of each year.

NEA News

Internet access, Print
Frequency: 2 per year
Aimed at non-specialists, this subscription covers major issues relating to the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and reports on progress and results of international programmes. Topics include: nuclear reactor safety and regulation, radioactive waste management, radiation protection, economic and technological developments relating to nuclear power, legislation, science and information.

NEA News, Internet access

  • Sub. No.: 7801648
  • Price: £24.00
    (£28.80 inc. VAT)

Official Gazette of the Community Plant Variety Office

(formerly Bulletin of the Community Plant Variety Office)
Frequency: Bi-monthly plus one annual report
This multi-lingual bulletin contains information for breeders and users of new plant varieties that will be of economic importance to agricultural, horticultural and silvicultural trades. The gazette includes applications for EU protection, proposals for variety denominations etc.

Oil, Gas, Coal and Electricity: Quarterly Statistics

(Formerly Quarterly Oil Statistics and Energy Balances)
Print, Internet access
Frequency: Quarterly
Detailed statistics on gas supply and demand in OECD countries. The oil and gas data covers production, trade, refinery intake and output, stock changes and consumption by crude oil. Also, imports and export data is shown with source and destination recorded.

Pesticides Monitor Incorporating the Pesticides Register

Frequency: monthly
The Pesticides Register is the only official monthly bulletin on new developments in pesticides and pesticides law. It provides details of all new pesticide approvals, both full and provisional, making key information widely available.

Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics

Frequency: Quarterly
A source of current facts and data on world food and agricultural conditions, with an analysis of the factors influencing them.
Published in English, French and Spanish.

Timber Bulletin

Frequency: 10 issues per year
This subscription contains information on forest products including monthly prices, production statistics, a market review and trade flow data. It contains a wealth of unique and invaluable information for everyone dealing with the forest and forest products sector.

World Energy Statistics and Balances

Frequency: Annual
This is a four part service that covers energy supplies and uses. Part 1 includes the energy statistics of OECD countries and annual supply and consumption data for OECD countries. Part 2 includes the energy statistics of non OECD countries and compliments part 1, setting out data for non OECD countries. Part 3 includes the energy balances of OECD countries, and supply and demand balances for the main energy sources. Part 4 includes the energy balances of non OECD countries and compliments part 3 for non OECD countries.


Frequency: Quarterly
Unasylva is an international journal of forestry and forest industries. It covers forest planning and policy, conservation and management, species improvement, industrial development, international trade and environmental impact in both developed and developing countries. Each issue contains in-depth articles, plus shorter pieces and book reviews. The journal is published in English, French and Spanish editions.


  • Sub. No.: 7201006
  • Price: £37.00