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Housing and Construction Statistics

Frequency: 8 issues per year
This quarterly publication is produced in two parts. Part 1 contains tables on house-building performance, housing finance and building materials, Part 2 has tables on construction activity and employment, local authority housing loans and sales.

Standards for Highway Works

Frequency: Quarterly. Network licences on application.
This subscription CD-ROM is the essential reference tool for agents, authorities, consultants and organisations who are engaged in the design, assessment, maintenance and management of road and bridge design. It provides all the comprehensive advice you need to ensure best practice.

Standards for Highway Works

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Approved Documents: The Building Regulations

Frequency: 2 per annum.
All those involved in the construction industry must ensure that the requirements of the Building Regulations are met. A key element in meeting regulatory requirements is the need to check that the materials being specified, purchased and used are fit for the purpose. One way is by choosing products which are the subject of current Agrément certificates. These certificates, started in 1966, have become the product quality benchmark in an area where there are no relevant British Standards.

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Frequency: Quarterly