Daily List 187

Agency Publications

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

International accounting and reporting issues: 2014 review

- ix, 61p., ill.: 30 cm. - UN publication sales no. E.16.II.D.1.

  • Price: 64.95
  • ISBN: 9789211128987

United Nations. Department of Public Information.

The League of Nations' work on social issues: visions, endeavours and experiments

- Magaly Rodriguez Garcia (editor), Davide Rodogno (editor), Liat Kozma (editor) - 220p.: 21 cm. - UN publication sales no. E.16.O.1.

  • Price: 25.95
  • ISBN: 9789211015003

United Nations. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

Transformations for sustainable development: promoting environmental sustainability in Asia and the Pacific

- xx, 131p.: 23 cm. - UN publication sales no.: E.16.II.F.5.

  • Price: 38.95
  • ISBN: 9789211207088

United Nations. Economic Commission for Europe.

The United Nations Motorcycle Helmet Study

- xii, 68p.: 30 cm. - This publication is part of WP.29. 'How it works and how to join it' series. - UN publication sales no. E.16.II.E.9.

  • Price: 17.50
  • ISBN: 9789211171075