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Tuesday 25 October 2016


The United Nations disarmament yearbook. Vol. 40 (part 1), 2015.

Corporate Author:
United Nations. Department for Disarmament Affairs

The volume 40 (Part I) compiles the disarmament resolutions and decisions of the seventieth session of the General Assembly, the voting patterns in the General Assembly and the First Committee report and dates of their adoption.

  • ISBN: 9789211423112
  • 46.95


From crisis to convergence: charting a course for Portugal.

Corporate Author:
International Monetary Fund
Dmitry Gershenson, Albert Jeager, Subir Lall

In 2011, following years of large-scale external imbalances financed by debt, Portugal's economy reached a crisis point. To restore economic growth and credibility with international lenders, the country embarked on a difficult path of fiscal adjustment and structural reforms. By many metrics, Portugal's 2011-14 macroeconomic stabilization program has been a success, but going forward Portugal would benefit from policies to reduce vulnerabilities, absorb labor slack, and generate sustainable growth.

  • ISBN: 9781513597225
  • 25.00


Ireland: lessons from its recovery from the bank-sovereign loop.

Corporate Author:
International Monetary Fund

Ireland's major property bubble burst at the same time as the global financial crisis erupted, plunging the country into a severe recession in 2008-10. Public debt climbed rapidly as revenues collapsed. The government lost access to market financing at manageable interest rates, and Ireland entered into a three-year programme of financial assistance from the European Union (EU) and IMF.

  • ISBN: 9781513587363
  • 20.50

Social Issues

World statistics pocketbook 2016.

Series V 40.
Corporate Author:
United Nations. Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Statistics Division

This edition of the World Statistics Pocketbook is the fortieth in a series of annual compilations of key statistical indicators prepared by the United Nations Statistics Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Over 50 indicators have been collected from more than 20 international statistical sources and are presented in one-page profiles for over 200 countries or areas of the world. This issue covers various years from 2005 to 2016. For the economic indicators, in general, three years - 2005, 2010 and 2014 - are shown; for the indicators in social and environmental categories, data for one year are presented. The topics covered include: agriculture, balance of payments, education, energy, environment, development assistance, food, gender, health, industrial production, information and communication, innovation, international tourism, international trade, labour market, migration, national accounts, population and prices.

  • ISBN: 9789211616125
  • 23.50